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A minimum of 4 members is required for the seminar. If there are not enough members booked by the seminar date, you can either reschedule the date for the next available dates or choose to cancel and receive a full refund. Contact us for any queries.

If you have specific days in mind for booking, please email me with your inquiries.

 Seminar Spotlight: Insights and Reviews from Attendees

  • The topics were extensively covered, delving into the fundamentals of interior architecture. This has and will be immensely beneficial and practical. Marharyta Syzonenko, Natalia Miyar Atelier

  • The seminar's emphasis on practical aspects aligns with the real-life demands of Interior Design and Architecture. While my education at the University of Westminster provided a solid foundation in transforming spaces and conceptual work, I believe there could have been more emphasis on real-world applications and design solutions to better prepare for professional environments. Berfin Erdogan, Natalia Miyar Atelier

  • Before attending the seminar, I lacked practical knowledge in real-life scenarios related to designing spaces. When faced with tasks, I often felt overwhelmed due to my limited awareness of available options. Your seminar has been instrumental in broadening my understanding, providing numerous opportunities, and empowering me to approach space design more confidently. The insights into appropriate finishes, materials, and other aspects have significantly enhanced my skill set. I plan to leverage your guide for ongoing professional development, incorporating your valuable advice and experiences into my practice. Olivia Van der Hagen, Natalia Miyar Atelier

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