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Designer Jorge Khawam creates sophisticated, refined interiors with effortless style. He is a leading practitioner of interior architecture, design and bespoke furniture, and has worked on a range of luxurious commercial and residential projects in the UK and abroad for over 20 years.

Jorge’s design aesthetic is wholly contemporary yet respectfully timeless. He uses his deep understanding of traditional architectural elements, space planning and craftsmanship to create spaces with a unique style and sense of the unexpected.  By working closely with clients, he delivers intimately-tailored, unique and sophisticated spaces.

His experience working with projects worldwide, means Jorge has extensive resources at his fingertips and close relationships with contractors, artisans and craftsmen. As a result, he is able to drive projects from inception to completion with a clear vision.

Furthermore, Jorge’s background as an architect and lighting designer results in the careful attention to detail that has helped him build an excellent reputation for the quality of his projects.

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